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Re: Inkjet permanence

Hello all:

I am new to this list and I'm enjoying the discussions immensely.  I am a
photographer in New York City and I do most of my work digitally, either by
shooting with a high-end camera or by scanning transparencies.  I also
teach a few classes in Manhatten at the International Center of
Photography.  One of my classes is "Making Professional Digital Prints at

The same question came up in my class regarding archival stability and my
suggestion is that if one wishes to get excellent quality and have a
production machine for about $1000 (including inks), then I would
suggest(as did another list member) the Epson Stylus color
3000(refurbished).  It is now about $800 and archival Lyson inks (in
separate large CMYK ink cartridges) can be bought for about $65 each color.
 The 3000 alone used to be over $2000.

I have just begun testing the Luminos 6 color Platinum ink set in my Epson
Photo EX and I am impressed with the results.  However the pricing is much
too high for a book, in my opinion, and there has not been independant
testing done on the inks.

I'll stop there for now but if there are any specific questions I'd be
happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

I plan to create a book or have one done in the future, so I will surely be
seeking advice from all you folks out there and I look forward to learning
a lot!

All the best.

-Andy Darlow

At 10:29 AM 5/3/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I get beautiful full color prints from an Epson Color Stylus at 720 dpi on
>Fabriano cotton watercolor paper. I have some that are three years old and
>still lok good, but they haven't been exposed to the light very much.
>I want to make facsimiles of my calligraphic journals but I am concerned
>the permanence of the dyes. Any advice?
>Jules Siegel Apdo 1764 Cancun Q. Roo 77501
>tel 011-52-98 83-36-29

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