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Re: gloss paper

Epson's Photo Paper may be a wonderful choice, but expect it to yellow in
about a year or so due to a high acid content.  Papers from a company
called Weber Valentine are acid free, but that doesn't mean that their
coatings are going to render them truly archival.  If you would like
samples of Weber Valentine, try this link:

For more than you would ever care to know about inkjet printing and about
100 messages/day (unless you use the digest form)  I highly recommend
subscribing to the epson inkjet forum at http://www.leben.com/lists .

Also, here is a Weber Valentine salesperson's comments from the epson list:

Hi All,
We just completed testing on our JPG series of Glossy Papers
Testing was done using the following TAPPI standards
Cold extraction pH (TAPPI T509) and
Alkalinity of papers as Calcium Carbonate (TAPPI T553)
Cold extraction pH testing showed both samples JPG170, JPG206
to have neutral sizing and a pH of 7.2
JPG170 8.25% Wt. as Calcium Carbonate-Alkaline Reserve 1.65 moles/kg
JPG206 7.93% Wt. as Calcium Carbonate-Alkaline Reserve 1.59 moles/kg
These papers should qualify as Archival by anyones standards.
Also, These papers should work with ANY INK, dye or pigment, such as but
not limited to,Epson*, Roland*,HP*, MIS*, Lysonic*, IFLORD*, ENCAD*,
LUMINOUS* ect.. on the market.
* All trademarks and copyrights are the propert of their respective
John Goerger
Toll Free 1-800-323-9642 USA ONLY
1-847-439-7111 Fax: 1-847-439-6887


All the best for happy inkjet printing!

-Andy Darlow

At 10:14 AM 5/3/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Mary Crest,
>You mentioned that you have used the Wausau glossy paper in your Epson
>Stylus printer. Did you use it at its highest resolution, 1440 or 720 dpi?
>How did the image/color quality compare to Epson's own Photo-Quality Glossy
>Paper? I'm getting ready to assemble a book with a great number of digital
>(Photoshop) images, mostly color photos, and need to find a durable, glossy
>paper to produce the hgihest quality. Will appreciate your experience on
>this, as I did your contribution to the list.
>Pat Miller
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Mary Crest <MARYCREST@AOL.COM>
>Date: Sunday, May 02, 1999 1:23 PM
>Subject: Re: gloss paper
>>In a message dated 99-05-02 03:12:12 EDT, you write:
>>> Does anyone know of a supplier for glossy coated white paper that
>>>  can be used inside a book.  Can you laser print on it?
>>>  Regards
>>>  Mary H
>>Wausau Papers has a stock called Exact Gloss Coated white paper, 80# weight
>>that is perfect for text blocks. It is "Laser Guaranteed." It also comes in
>>70#, and both 70# and 80# are available in matte finish, as well. A ream,
>>8 1/2" x 11" sheets, costs about $12.00. Kelly Paper carries it. You can
>>it cut from a parent sheet to any size you want, with the grain in whatever
>>direction you specify, for an additional $10 cutting fee. I have used it in
>>both my HP Laserjet printer, as well as my Epson Stylus Color inkjet

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