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Re: Teaching Workshops

Having worked mostly with elementary and middle school kids (and having not so
long ago been a beginner myself) I think three of the best things you can do

1. Teach what is and what's not the proper way to use the tools (x-acto knives
come to mind), and a bit of their history if you know it.

2. Suggest how they can use common household items (ex. using the back of a
spoon for a bone folder) to make books that may not be quite archival but are
beautiful nonetheless. And kind of in-sinc with this, how they can get their
hands on some materials that aren't quite so common in households (ex. you can
ask at art supply stores for scraps of mat board and at printers for offcuts of
paper -- if you can't get much, make minature books!

3. As you go along, give suggestions of easy variations on the binding.



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