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inkjet printers and papers

A couple of years ago the Smithsonian hosted a "digital atelier" for a
month in the summer. Five artists who use computers for their art had set
up a studio with several computers for people to use, and several different
types of printers. They printed their work out on printers that could take
rolls of paper, and some of the prints were so large that they hung them up
on the walls - they must have been several feet long by at least 2-3 feet
wide. Their group is called Unique Editions, and their stated purpose was
to explore technologies to promote digital fine art. Anyway, I saved a
couple of business cards that I picked up there. Since there have been
several posts on the subject, I found the addresses: One is for a place
called L West Legion Paper, which sells artists' papers coated for inkjet
printers. The e-mail address is papertec.fia.net  The other is called
Stella Color - it says they do iris and fine art imaging and large format
digital printing. They also sell some sort of coating that you paint over
paper to enable you to use the paper with inkjet printers. The address is
Shireen Holman, Printmaker and Book Artist
email: tholman@clark.net

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