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Re: large format printer

Does anyone know of a good source for the refurbished 3000's and ink

Thanks -

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From: Linda Hagen <linda@DONTKNOWPUB.COM>
Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999 9:38 AM
Subject: Re: large format printer

>  I would recommend the 3000 over the 1520 if you plan on doing large
>prints.  the 1520 does only about 13 by 17 size prints the 3000 does 16.5
>to 44 inch prints.  But, the big reason I really prefer the 3000 is in the
>ink carts.  The 3000 has a seperate ink cart for each color that is quite
>large (i think 90ml but not positive)  the 1520 uses the small ink carts
>that all the other inks jets use.  If you do large prints this will make a
>big difference in your costs.  Also if you refill you own carts the 3000
>carts are much easier to reill without problems.   The price difference
>between the two printers is now about 400 to 500 dollars.  There are refurb
>3000 available with the 2 year waranty for about 800 or 900 dollars.  Can
>not give exact prices because it changes constantly.  New full list is
>1200 dollars.  The epson mail list discusses a lot about the different
>printers but it tends to very heavy on the side of messages.
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