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Re: Inkjet Printers

Here are three sources that were listed on the epson list.  This does not
seem to be book related and probably should be taken off list if there are
any more questions.

Try pcmall/macmall Thats where I got mine. 2 weeks ago they had about 75 of
> them at that price. http://www.pcmall.com   It was a web only special. I
> tried calling them and it was 869.00 for the exact same unit over the

I also got mine at PC Mall for $799. MicroWarehouse
(http://www.microwarehouse.com) also has them for $799. PC Connection
(http://www.pcconnection.com) has them for $899.
  there are 2 grades of refurbs "a" and "b" some of the 899.00 ones are "a".
Some one said that an "a" is new but the box has been opened .

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