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photocopying photos

I'm wondering if those photocopier artists out there could help me out:

I'm working on this project where I have to photocopy pages with text and two
photos. Thee first photo is a graduation photo from the '49 or '59 yearbooks.
So far the best I've got it is from scanning it into a program called Color It!
which will, at least mostly,  descreen a screen. The second photo is modern day
color. I scanned it in and changed the color to grayscale. Then I placed both
photos and the text in an AdobePagmaker document and printed it. So far so good
nuff. But from here I have to photocopy the page so it looks decent(ish).
Hasn't worked so far. I've experimented with just just taping the color photos
to the printed page, putting a screen on the photos, scanning them in at
different dpis. Everything seems to look the same or worse. There's no budget
to publish this any other way. And I know it'll look crappy no matter what, but
I'm wondering if any of you have any suggestions about how to make it the least




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