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Re: photocopying photos

>  I've experimented with just just taping the color photos
> to the printed page, putting a screen on the photos, scanning them in at
> different dpis. Everything seems to look the same or worse. There's no budget
> to publish this any other way. And I know it'll look crappy no matter what,
> I'm wondering if any of you have any suggestions about how to make it the
> crappy.???

Take it to a high quality copy shop (like AlcoPrint) who has a Xerox 5090
(or even a Docutech). We do this every day with excellent results. For even
better results you can use a Canon Color copier (CLC 700 or newer) but at a
higher cost per page

United Electronic Printers Inc. - AlcoPrint
39716 Fremont Boulevard
Fremotn, CA 94538-1316

510/796-COPY (2679)

LarryHN@alco.com  --  http://www.alco.com

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