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Re: leather sources

J. Hewit & Sons in Edinburgh, Scotland, are always willing to custom dye and
finish leather to customers own specifications.

Please feel free to contact our US  agent and distributor Bookmakers
International at:

Bookmakers International
6001, 66th Avenue
Suite 101
Maryland, 20737
Tel: (301) 459 3384
Fax (301) 459 7629
e-mail: bookmkrs@aol.com

They will be delighted to handle your enquiry and will pass the relevant
information on to us.

kind regards,


David M. Lanning
J. Hewit & Sons Ltd. - London
e-mail: sales@hewit.com
web site: http://www.hewit.com/
Tel: +44 (0)181 965 5377
Fax: +44 (0)181 453 0414

-----Original Message-----
From: Charles Jones <cjones@SFASU.EDU>
Date: 05 May 1999 17:28
Subject: Re: leather sources

>Can anyone recommend a source for custon dyed leather preferably goat or
>  Thanks, Charlie
>Crazy Creek Press
>Carrizo Creek No. 3750
>Nacogdoches, TX. 75961

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