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Re: Business cards

>"Question -- Do any of you Book Artists use you talents to make unusual
>business cards for your own use??"
>I just made business cards as refrigerator magnets for all my graduating
>seniors in printmaking...Shelley Thorstensen.
>Also -
>Some extraordinary business cards are made by the Oiseaux Sisters as part of
>their marketing.  I don't know if they have a website - they are actually
>artist dollmakers - do the big craft shows.  For more info one could look
>under Susan Dollmaker Andrews on the web...
>Art students (in printmaking) seem to be always coming up w amazing business
>cards.  Maybe there's a start in this for them after getting out of school.
>Will keep the idea in my head for them.


This is off subject,however,you seem to be a person I can ask this question..
How did you get your printmaking job? Where do you teach? The reason I
ask,is last year I looked through all the job listings for Printmakers and
found two. My B.F.A. is in Printmaking and my M.F.A. is in Book Arts. How
did you go about to find employment??

I would love to teach,thought of going back just to get my fingers wet in
etching and litho and maybe go to CAA with new spirits...

I do teach a youth art program and we cover a scope of printmaking,bookarts
and etc..

Any suggestions?

O inking community..

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