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Third Annual Summer Book Arts Workshop

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I'm posting the information below for Barb Tetenbaum
<joebeets@concentric.net>, who is not on the list.  Please respond to her
for more info.

 Jim Carmin                               Multnomah County Library
 John Wilson Room Librarian               801 SW Tenth Avenue
 Central Library                          Portland, OR 97205-2597
 jimc@nethost.multnomah.lib.or.us         503-306-5728


Third Annual Summer Book Arts Workshop
Perennial Millennial:Return of Sewn Boards Bookbinding (Gary Frost)
& Color Printing on the Letterpress (Barbara Henry)

June 21-25, 1999 :: Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA

This summer's book arts symposium offers the unique opportunity to study
with two distinguished book arts practitioners: letterpress printer/curator,
Barbara Henry, and bookbinder/conservator, Gary Frost, who each have an
extensive knowledge of the history and significance of the book and have
evolved their craft to address contemporary concerns. Participants will
spend half of each day constructing models of historic and contemporary book
structures and the other half day printing pages of a limited edition book.
Discussions and presentations will focus on the role that historic binding
and printing can play in securing a vital future for the book in our
society. To round out the event, Kevin McCoy, Prof. of Multimedia Art at
City College of New York, will introduce his electronic multimedia
presentation at the Hunter Conservatory at the beginning of the week. Book
arts practitioners/instructors Kathy Kuehn and Barbara Tetenbaum will lead a
final all-day book production intensive in which participants will leave
with a hand bound letterpess-printed book.

Perennial Millennial: Return of Sewn Boards Bookbinding
This session, conducted by Gary Frost, will investigate the advent of the
codex structure and examine the relevance of this invention from late
Antiquity to our present era identified with digital communication.
Participants will learn about this strange connection as they produce both
historical and futuristic models of this timeless reading mode.
Gary Frost is a book conservator who has served on the faculties of library
schools at Columbia and Texas Universities and is the co-founder of BookLab.

Color Printing on the Letterpress
This workshop, led by Barbara Henry, is an introduction to letteress
printing including hands-on experience in setting type and printing on a
Vandercook proof press. Participants will explore the potential of printing
and layering with color as flats, textures and images are combined in a
sequence of page spreads.
Barbara Henry is the Director and Curator of Bowne and Co., a working 19th
century letterpress print shop located at the South Street Seaport Museum in
New York City. As a master printer, Barbara Henry prints limited edition
books researched and designed to reflect the character of this historic

Production Workshop: Producing a Limited Edition Artists' Book
Participants staying for the final day will gather to assemble a limited
edition artists' book. The pages for this book will be designed and printed
in Barbara Henry's workshop. Some additional printing for the project will
occur on Friday morning. The binding will be based on a Gary Frost book
structure. Barbara Tetenbaum and Kathy Kuehn will lead this intensive
production workshop. All those who participate in this workshop will leave
with a copy of the completed edition.
Kathy Kuehn and Barbara Tetenbaum are book arts instructors at the Oregon
College of Art and Craft, one of the only schools in the country offering a
BFA and Craft Certificate in Book Arts.

Monday: tours of campus, Walla Walla Foundry, Multimedia demonstration,
Ranch barbecue.
Tues. thru Thursday: Core program with Gary Frost and Barbara Henry
Friday: Production workshop

Workshop fees:
5-day Symposium package: $350
3-day Core program: $200
Friday Production workshop:$150
Monday only:$50

For a registration form and more detailed information, call the Whitman
College Summer Programs Office (509)527-5251 or email to

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