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photocopying photos

photoshop is a amazing program and like the earlier recomendation using
the blur function and then sharpening it will help. The program also is
great for turning photos into halftone or (dots)
i have used it a bunch for taking color photos and seperating he color
into black and white layers for lithography or silkscreening . If you
are a non computer person and are interested it is worth looking into it
is the standard for so many design and art fields i use it to make
backgrounds and realistic paintings for movies and is amazing how much I
have progressed as an artist by accepting  "the tool" . By using it and
complementing it by bringing the images into traditional
ways like lithography or papermaking the results are really amazing.  i
am now babbleing but it is
fun to isolate the functions and needs for these tool that pertain to
your work and lets you control the tool rather than it taking over.  I
had a lot of fun working in a printshop and having access to the
computer we were able to quickly make and seperate our own film and run
acetate through the printer to make the filmwork and saved so much money
also using 3d computer software and printed out wireframe meshes of
objects and silkscreened those onto wood and then painted by hand on top
of that and sanded and then sculpted type and other things made molds
and fastened this into the peice and then screened photos that were made
into a halftone (dots) in photoshop over this and then did some drawing
over that and it was really unique and had some really strange qualities
. now i am really babbleing but i failed my first computer class and
stayed with it and have had fun now using the tools . also the 3d
programs are fun to make stuff and soon the
machining equiptment to carve and make molds from what you make in the
computer will be very
cheap in price so places like kinkos may be able to make computer
objects into solids for you .i hope you find a solution that will give
you the best results. from tom j

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