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Workshop in Guatemala

For any of you who are interested in writing (or who have friends or
colleagues who might be), I'll be teaching a creative writing workshop this
summer in  Guatemala. Dates are July 21-30. Workshop will take place in
Antigue, the former colonial capital of Guatemala, a beautiful and very
cosmopolitan city in the western highlands (very pleasant weather, not
rain-forest tropical!). The workshop is "From Journal to Finished Form."
We'll use journals to explore the countryside and our interior selves, then
work with that material to write in a variety of genres. We'll have several
opportunities to get out into the world of the indigenous Maya, see their
weavings, markets, homes, lifestyles. We'll also have a couple of days and
nights on the shore of Lake Atitla, the deepest lake in this hemisphere,
which is ringed by volcanoes. The workshops are small in size with very
individualized attention. Open to beginners and experienced writers--anyone
who'd like the chance to write in one of the most beautiful places in the
world! The workshop is part of the Art Workshop of La Antigua. Undergaduate,
graduate, and continuing education credits are available. Lots more inof at
www.artguat.org. Or email me at flapoet@aol.com.
Thanks for the opportunity to post this. Laurie

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