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photocopying and Kinko's

I have to agree with John Tonai's recent post....We had a great Kinko's in
Santa Fe, NM where I used to live.  As long as one went off their peak hours,
they were willing to work closely with artists, and experiment with their
different machines to get optimum results,. not charging for many of the
experiments.  They even hosted a Book Arts Group meeting at their space to
discuss various options , color, resolution etc with us.
   I agree with supporting small locally owned businesses, but have found
Kinko's machines well maintained with generally more advanced models than
many of the local postal stores. If you are lucky enought to live in a metro
area with savvy  independent operators, GO for it....But if you go to
Kinko's, discuss with them which of their operators likes to work with
artists and what time would be best. You can't expect much if you show up
between 9 and 5.

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