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Re: Kinkos

Really, could we get over this issues with Barnes and Noble and
Kinkos?  Kinkos has wonderful machines and the most
extraordinary, cheerful service of any copier place I've ever used.
and Barnes and Noble have all the books you could possibly want.
And both were begun by small people with vision.  The reason
they're successful is that they provide good product and good

My hamlet general store has wonderful people, and I buy more
groceries than I can afford from them to help them stay there --
they belong with us.  But, frankly, their copier is old and ill-
maintained, and they charge 25 cents a copy and 50 cents a copy
for the legal size, no matter how many copies, no matter how bad
the quality.  The local library charges 15-25 cents a copy, as does
the local historical society library.  Other places around here are
the same.  I used to order books from my independent book seller
but she often forgot to place the order, and when the books came
in, they were often poorly displayed and dusty.  As a publisher,
she gives me back unsold copies that have been woefully
manhandled (this, after being on consignment, not even
purchased).  There is something to be said for quality, good
product, and service.

Bertha Rogers

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