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New list: BookArtsWest

There is a new listserv for book arts in the west which has been set up by
Alicia Bailey. The list for the dissemination of information (workshops,
meetings, exhibits, ...) in the Rocky Mountain region.

To subscribe send the following message to: majordomo@lists.sni.net

subscribe bookartswest

After subscribing you can post messages by sending them to:

The list is open and unmoderated. It is not intended for discussion, but
for distribution of information such as workshops, meetings, exhibits, ...


                                >>> I loved working in the library. <<<
>>There was something to be said for working in a place bound in leather.<<

Peter D. Verheyen
<Webmaster: Book Arts Web>    http://www.dreamscape.com/pdverhey
<Listowner: Book_Arts-L>           Mailto:Book_Arts-L-request@listserv.syr.edu

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