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Re: Scanning

At 01:44 PM 5/11/99 -0600, KT Pardue wrote:
>I would LOVE an answer to this one also! I constantly readjust images from
>scanners. Why is it not a WYSIWYG?

Um... um... every scanner that I've ever used (flatbeds, anyway -- not
those hand-held cheapie ones) have fairly straightforward settings built
right into the scanning software to adjust the resolution (i.e.
dots-per-inch, or "dpi") that you're scanning the image at. If you want
your image to be relatively "normal" size on-screen, then you could set
your scanning resolution at 72dpi. However, if you plan on printing it out,
I would definitely recommend a much higher resolution (say 300dpi or
something, depending on the capabilities of your printer, of course).

Mind you, I'm TOTALLY simplifying the process here. What I think you both
feel might be a bit of a pain is actually just a fairly normal procedure
when scanning images. I do practically all my own scanning for the web,
which means that all my images have a *final* resolution (once I'm finished
fiddling with them in Photoshop) of 72dpi, however, I often scan the
originals at a *much* higher resolution (sometimes even as high as 2400dpi
or more). Scanning at a high resolution first gives me a super-high quality
image to work with, and I'll generally (but not always) work on the image,
and do whatever I want to do to it (crop it, add effects, etc.) at that
resolution, but in order to bring the file size down in the final
end-product changing the resolution to 72dpi makes a HUGE difference.
There's also other things you can do to bring the final file size down too,
for example, adding compression to JPEGs, or reducing the number of colours
in the palette when you're making GIFs. It all depends on what kind of
mischief you're up to, of course, and how much quality you're willing to

I guess what I'm saying, in a 'round-about way, is that all that fiddling
after doing the actual scanning is really a basic part of the process -- so
my best advice would be to just get used to it. ;) :/

Hope that helps! If you want more tips, you might find this site...


...rather handy.

Ron :)

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