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Scanning ain't easy


Probably one of the more under appreciated skills today.  Folks understand
and appreciate the skills of a photographer and especially the skills of a
darkroom photographer.  Well having done both, I think that scanning is
considerably more difficult to do really well.  The scanner is like a camera.
However, what you are doing is converting your image into a set of dots.  How
you set up your scanner depends entirely on what it is that you are scanning.
A photograph takes one thing, a magazine or newspaper picture is something
else, text, drawings, etc. they are all different and require different
settings on the scanner.   Next, photoshop is like the darkroom for a camera.
 In photoshop you do the things that the scanner cannot do.  What you need to
do in photoshop, just like the scanner, all depends on what the original is.

So, if you pose a question like.   'I want to scan photos from magazines,
remove any moire patterns, adj the color, sharpen the image, and save it in
the smallest possible file for use on the web.' Then I and others can help.
However, a general, 'gee whiz scanners are tough'  doesn't give us anywhere
to start.
dt fletcher

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