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Re: Scanning ain't easy

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From: DT Fletcher <FletcherOR@AOL.COM>
Date: Tuesday, May 11, 1999 4:51 PM
Subject: Scanning ain't easy

Your offer to answer questions is very generous -- considering the scope of
all possible questions.

My scanned work is very true to the original but my photos are of very poor
quality.  I do a newsletter for one of my volunteer groups and the photos
are not clear.  They are usually color photos which I scan as black and
white for the newsletter.  I do have photoshop but am just beginning to use
it so my experience is very limited. My scanner is a HP Scanjet 4P

BTW, my son has sent me scanned photos and they have printed beautifully so
I don't think it's a printer problem.


>do in photoshop, just like the scanner, all depends on what the original
>So, if you pose a question like.   'I want to scan photos from magazines,
>remove any moire patterns, adj the color, sharpen the image, and save it in
>the smallest possible file for use on the web.' Then I and others can help.
>However, a general, 'gee whiz scanners are tough'  doesn't give us anywhere
>to start.
>dt fletcher

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