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Excerpt: From Me to My Children

I have permission from Hues of Blue Press to distribute an excerpt from the
new book, "From Me to My Children." This incredible new multimedia book is
difficult to describe using only words; the book itself includes flaps to
open, pages to fold out, and pockets to explore. The design is unique, but
the thoughts and ideas that these sensual activities illustrate are deeply
moving and universal.

Ricky Cohen, after graduating Cum Laude from NYU, a decade as CEO of the
Conway Department store chain, and raising six children, has turned his
substantial energies to public speaking and publishing. "From Me to My
Children" is the result of his efforts, and serves as an incredible
inspiration to any of us who wish to share what we've learned in life with
the future -- our children.

This excerpt contains several of what Cohen calls "Bubbles of Thought"
included in "From Me to My Children". The reflections, ideas and images
Cohen shares in this book are deeply moving and not easily forgotten. If
you'd like a copy of this excerpt, just send mailto:excerpts@tenagra.com
with the subject line: "send bubbles" and I'll reply with a text file. If
you'd like to hear Ricky Cohen speak about creating a personal history book
for your children, please join us in a series of online chats starting soon:

=> Tuesday, May 11 1pm Eastern Time
Talk City Parenting Forum: <http://www.talkcity.com>

=> Thursday, May 13 10pm Eastern Time
Moms Online at America Online <Keyword: Moms Online>

=> Thursday, May 13 9pm Eastern Time
Moms Online <http://www.momsonline.com>

Steve O'Keefe

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