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Re: Regarding the Exhibition of Books and the Eternal Quest for One ...

Audrey-Your book sounds incredible! I for one would love to see it in a
gallery as a one person show. I don't have any experience outside of my
community, but both the gallery at Pensacola Junior College and the
University of West Florida (where I teach)  do one person shows from time to
time. I realize we are sort of the cultural backwater in many peoples' minds,
but just thought I'd mention this. Would it be worthwhile for an artist to
show for say a month in a gallery in a small city like Pensacola? Both these
galleries do good publicity, have opening receptions, and are quite
well-attended (we do have a healthy arts community here, possibly because of
the loveliness of the place). I can provide contacts if you or any other book
artist is interested. Laurie O'Brien

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