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Re: Scanning

My experience has been that most programs want to display at about 100ppi.
If you scan in at 600 ppi you will find that your 4x6 in image has become 24
x 36.  The simple solution: if you want to view the thing on screen with
little or no size adjustment scan at 100ppi.  If you want to use the  image
for something that requires more resolution then scan at higher resolution.

Recently I prepared an ad  (b/w) for print using 133 dpi screen.  The
printer asked me for a tif file at 266 ppi.  Essentially they wanted 2ppi
for every dpi.  I know nothing about color but your printer could tell you.

Hope this helps.

Hal Faulkner


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Subject: Scanning

I don't know if this list is the appropriate place for this question,
but I don't know who else to ask.
I have a flat bed scanner, and when I scan an image (to develop into a
plate for printing or to send via e-mail) it comes out HUGE. I blew my
brother's computer out of the sky by sending him a standard snapshot
without checking it.
The only way I have been able to send images is by resizing them
drastically, which I find very tedious. I can't find any reference to
controling the size of the initial scan, either in the hopelessly
inadequate manual, the help files, or the web.
Any ideas?
Best regards,
Yehuda Miklaf
Shalom Yehuda Press

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