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Re: WYSIWYG was Scanning

>WYSIWYG (what you see...) is a term which applies to word-processing and
>the graphic arts on a computer as much as it does within the world of
>HTML and web-design.  WordPerfect was using WYSIWYG long before there was
>a Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer, and all of the above goes
>without mentioning the MAC, which I believe has been WYSIWYG since its
>inception.  I could however, be wrong.
>Rommel John Miller
>Ocean City, MD

WYSIWYG did come from the early Macs. It was the difference between DOS
(command line interface) and being able to type in a word processor and see
the fonts and spacing that you would actually see on the print out. I was
doing layout in Word Perfect in DOS then and it was a *huge* difference!
Without a WYSIWYG interface, you never quite knew what it would look like
until it came off the printer (continous feed perfed paper too).

Thanks for the memories,

Simrat Kaur Khalsa

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