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Re: Scanning ain't easy

In a message dated 5/11/99 3:28:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
angco@WORLDNET.ATT.NET writes:

<<  I do a newsletter for one of my volunteer groups and the photos
 are not clear.  They are usually color photos which I scan as black and
 white for the newsletter.  >>

I assume that the photos themself are clear and sharp to begin with and real
photos not from magazines etc. A scanner can't clean up a fuzzy photo.  With
a sharp color photo for a newpaper I would start with a full size 300dpi grey
scale scan into photoshop. If the exposure needs touching up, try the
Image-Adjust-AutoLevels.  If you need to set the background to white use the
Image-Adjust-Levels tool.

When you are happy with the exposure then sharpen the picture. There is
something called scanner fuzz. All scans are a little fuzzy by the nature of
the scanning  process itself.  The tool to correct this is
Filter-Sharpen-UnsharpMask   UnsharpMask is an extremely powerful tool you
will need to adjust it for the individual photo.   A good starting point
might be 150%,  5-6 pixel,  10 level.  UnsharpMask is especially powerful
with making thing such as scanned text clear and sharp.

Next, assuming the picture looks good on screen, print the picture out of
photoshop to double check.  A good printer will show more detail than a
monitor can.  If it looks good then save as a tiff file (lzw compression is

Next, import the tiff file into your pagelayout program.  If the picture now
prints fuzzy you have layout program problem.
dt fletcher

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