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Re: Scanning ain't easy

Without making this a photoshop/scanning tips and tricks forum. (I suggest
that you go to your fav search engine and search on "photoshop tips and
tricks" there are several web sites dedicated to the subject and are much
better than any of the books... whoops!   Sorry, but that's the truth. Books
about photoshop are lame.)

But, one addition, that I think is important to make and you will not find in
many books or sites, and that is memory budget.  One of the most important
aspects of scanning, storing, working with, and publishing scanned material
is how much memory the scans take up.  Anything less than 1meg is silly. I
typically "budget" at least 5 meg and more often 10-15 meg of memory for the
scan.   I have 128MB main memory and anything much more than 20meg and
photoshop gets quirky. The point is to scan at the highest dpi that fills the
"budget".  If you have a 8" x 10" original full color then the dpi is going
to be pretty low, but it won't matter. As long as your final scanned image is
around 10-15meg you should be fine no matter what.  If you have a bigger and
badder computer and can easily handle 20-40 meg scans by all means go for it.
  With 20 gig harddrives going for $350 and lzw compression there is no
reason not to use what is available.  You can always sample down for any
application that needs it.

I can hear the question, "but Dean why scan at a higher dpi than needed?"
Great question. The reason is, you never want to have to go back and scan
again. What if you decide to do a blow up of the picture to 4x or what if you
decide that you need a tiny little section of the picture enlarged 10 times.
Scan at a low dpi and you are out of luck.

 Budget as much memory as your system can tolerate and then fill the budget
on every scan. Anything less and you are not working at the full capacity of
your computer system.

dt fletcher

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