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Re: Scanning

In a message dated 5/11/99 3:46:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
ktp43@PRODIGY.NET writes:

> I would LOVE an answer to this one also! I constantly readjust images from
>  scanners. Why is it not a WYSIWYG?
>  KT Pardue
>  WhiteRiver Studio

The short answer is that every device has a gamut or range of colors that it
can reproduce. What your scanner is capable of scanning is different from
what your monitor is capable of displaying is different from what an
imagesetter is capable of reproducing on film is different from what ink is
capable of reproducing on paper.

These different devices can be calibrated so that What You See is more or
less What You Get.

One example would be a scanner that scans a range of 0%(white) to 100%(black)
in a B&W halftone. Very few printing presses can reproduce a finer dot than
6% and most presses will gain as much as 15% as the ink dots spread on paper.
The final printed image will lose detail in the highlights and the shadows
will plug and lose detail.

The ideal scan would range from 6% to about 92%. This scan would show detail
in the highlights and and good detail in the shadow area.

This is really simplified, but might give you a little better idea.


Zack Hamric
Two Swallows Press

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