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Re: Scanning

I disagree that books about Photoshop are "lame."  Some are.  Books like the
"bibles" can be a bit overwhelming-  But they can also be quite useful as
references when you are stumped.

But, if you want one good book about Photoshop try Photoshop Artistry by
Barry Haynes - I think it gets updated with every new version of Photoshop.
It offers a lot of real-world examples for how to use the program -
everything from basic color correcting to assembling a realistic family
reunion group photo using pictures of individual persons or producing
compressed images for the web.  What I like about it is that although the
chapters are focused on example exercises, there is solid sound explanation
of why things work the way they do in Photoshop and how it's important for
your work.  e.g. You learn why unsharp mask works better in the luminosity
channel of an image (i.e change to L*a*b Mode via Image menu) than on a whole
RGB image, etc.

It may help to improve your results too if you make sure and
somewhat-calibrate your monitor using Adobe Gamma and use Photoshop 5.0.2's
color management preferences or wizard to make sure you are working in a
color space that most closely matches the gamut of your desired final output
(e.g. for print or screen).  You can very quickly get technical about all of
this- getting into ICC profiles, and such... but these two things are simple
actions that may improve your results.


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