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Re: scanning

In a message dated 5/12/99 7:01:05 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
millerja@ISMI.NET writes:

<< DT Fletcher suggested applying Filter-Sharpen-UnsharpMask, in Photoshop, to
 improve fuzzy images.

 If you are working with color images, here's another UnsharpMask tip I read
 in a journal some years ago and have been using with excellent results ever
 since: before sharpening, pull down the IMAGE menu, select MODE, and change
 the MODE of your image to LAB (it's probably RGB to begin with), select the
 BRIGHTNESS channel only, then apply the UnsharpMask filter to it alone (it
 will be black and white). After applying the filter only to the brightness
 channel, re-select the LAB channel to again make visible the color in your
 image, then re-convert the entire image to RGB from the IMAGE-MODE menu. You
 will find that you can apply a much higher degree of sharpening without
 distorting your color channels by using this method.  (Don't forget to

 Art Miller
If your using Photoshop 5.x you can get the same effect by sharpening in RGB
mode and then before you do anything else, select "Filter>Fade Unsharp Mask,
then select the "Mode" to be "Luminosity" Leave the opacity at 100%. Same
effect. Like many things in Photoshop, there's more than one way to do it.
-Jeff Jones

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