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Re: scanning

In a message dated 5/13/99 12:25:44 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
Amygdala@AOL.COM writes:

<< << DT Fletcher suggested applying Filter-Sharpen-UnsharpMask, in
Photoshop, to
  improve fuzzy images.

  If you are working with color images,  >>

To be clear, all of my work is in B/W printing and I do not have any claims
as a color expert because I am not.  UnsharpMask is a powerful tool and
especially with color work it can brutalize color information.  However, much
of what I scan and print is text. UnsharpMask is great for bringing the text,
or line drawings, back to a nice crisp readable condition.  It is especially
good at making old yellowed text material (newsprint, etc), that otherwise
looks and reads horrible, back to like-new condition for reprinting.
dt fletcher

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