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Re: Coptic Book Binding

>Keith Smith has a chapter on Coptic binding in his "Non-Adhesive
>ISBN: 0927159-04-x, pages 174-184. The procedure is clearly explained
>illustrated. I have made several successful Coptic bindings according
>his directions.

I have been lurking on this list for many, many months now-following
link & saving good advice in a folder. I usually do not participate, as
I am
an inexperienced bookbinder. But I have to second this advice on Keith
Smith's book, _Non-Adhesive Binding, Volume 3: Exposed Spine Sewings_.
As a
new binder, his graphics and explanations are excellent. They are easy
understand and follow. I have made three books using the 2-needle Coptic

binding illustrations that I am extremely pleased with. He has a website

where you can get all of his books-I think there are new ones coming out


The site is www.netacc.net/~ksbooks/.


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