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Jefferson Paper Airplane contest results

I have been asked to announce the results of the University of Virginia
Jefferson paper airplane flying contest held on Tuesday, 11 May, to help
celebrate the opening of Elliot Tally's Rotunda exhibition, "Two for a
Nickel: Ephemera Concerning Thomas Jefferson and Monticello," following up
my message to Bibsocan, Book_Arts-L, Exlibris, and SHARP of May 2nd.

We ran 20 heats, and then held three playoff rounds..

The winner sent his paper airplane an almost incredible 137 feet 6 inches,
from the front steps of the Rotunda beyond an imaginary line connecting the
front doors of Pavilions V and VI. He used his own design--and indeed most
of the +100 feet flyers (and there were a good half dozen of them) rejected
the BAP's suggested design -


- in favor of pencil-shaped planes that more closely resembled dart board
darts than standard paper airplanes. -tb

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