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Re: Coptic Bookbinding instruction

I don't think Gary's on the list at the moment; I hope he won't mind if
I respond to this one briefly. I was trying to get together a class
using the kits (which are, indeed, excellent), but Gary's not going to
be producing them for a while at least, and it sounded like it might not
be happening again at all. I hope they will return to production, but it
sounds like he's a little busy with other things for the next while.

He wrote me:
> I will start up the website: <futureofthebook.com> soon. This will be t=
> connector to all my continuing products.

It's only got a nice D=FCrer engraving so far, but that'll be the place t=
check to see when things are up and running again. The dryfrio address
is no longer active.


Scott Kellar wrote:
> =

> Gary Frost (Dry Frio Bindery) has a wonderful kit that includes histori=
> background and step-by-step instructions for, I believe, 18 bucks. You =
> contact him at:
> =

> dryfrio@swtexas.net

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