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Re: Scanning, Saving, and cross-platform

A couple of things about cross platform files:
It is generally very easy to get a Mac to read a PC file.  The PC file
usually has enough info and Mac's are savvy about reading PC files anyway.
Vice-versa is more difficult.

PC's get the file information they need from the 3-digit extension at the end
of the file name, e.g. ".exe" for executable or ".tif" for TIFF file or
".eps" for encapsulated post-script, or ".jpg" for J.P.E.G.  etc.  So if you
save a Mac file for a PC you need to rename the file and append the 3 digit
extension to the it.

Nowadays although high-end graphics are still predominantly produced on Macs,
MANY are produced on PC's.  Many service bureau's will have the capability to
read  BOTH kinds of files- as well as read files that are saved in the major
graphic's applications- AND on different types of disk media (Zip disks, Jaz
cartridges, CD's, floppies, etc.)  So, I don't think it's really much to
worry about.  I agree that you should definitely call the service bureau
you're planning on using to see what they prefer.  And although Tif is a good
safe bet, EPS is probably as well- since it's the language the printers often
use to convert pixels to print.

Probably more info than you'd were interested in, but just fyi.

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