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Signature Exchange

In response to the success of the signature swap I held a few months ago
... I am putting together a followup signature swap with a theme of
"Buenos Aires, 1946".  Here are the details, which are also available on
my website at:  http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/4770/

If anyone is interested in participating, please email me at






You are a foreign correspondent for a large American newspaper called
the "Daily World."  Peron has just won
the Argentinian presidency and you have been assigned to cover life in
Buenos Aires.  From political pressures
to popular culture, you have full reign to record whatever you want.
Think of this as an excerpt from your reporter's notebook.  While it
might contain the column you write for the newspaper about the city on
the surface, your pages could also reveal your more personal and private
experiences while living in Room 412 of the Gran Colon Hotel in downtown
Buenos Aires. Therefore, your pages may be in the form of drafts of your
newspaper columns, a scrapbook of memorabilia/ephemera, a daily journal,
scribbled observations, drawings, clippings, leads, letters, notes,
postcards, telegrams, photos, clues, etc.--whatever might be found in
your trusty reporter's notebook.

SCHEDULE--You can join the swap at any time, but your signatures *must*
be received no later than July 15, 1999.  The swap will be mailed the
following week.

COST--Send $3.20 in stamps, check or money order to cover first class
return postage.  Make checks or money orders payable to Tim Krause.

FORMAT--Not to make this more complicated, but I thought it would be
interesting to format these signatures so that they may be bound at the
top of the page similar to a steno pad (for the look of a reporter's
notebook).  This would also allow for signatures of any number of pages,
since each page will be separate sheet of paper.  All sheets/signatures
are then collated and bindings such as stab, post, spiral, comb, etc.
used at the top.

Therefore, for this swap, a "signature" will consist of at least 8
sheets of paper (but could have has many as you want).  Each sheet
should measure 5-1/2" wide by 8-1/2" long.  Each sheet may be single or
double sided (resulting in either 8 or 16 "pages").  A binding margin of
1 inch should be allowed along the top 5-1/2" side.

** Visit my web page for pictures/illustration:

QUANTITY--Make a total of 10 copies.  Keep one set for yourself and send
9 sets for the swap.  You will get 9 back.

CREDIT--One a separate card or piece of paper, please indicate your
name, address and e-mail.  I will acknowledge receipt of your signatures
as soon as I get them, and I will compile a list of players to send back
to you with the signatures.

Tim Krause
113 Oak Street, #12
Ellsworth, ME 04605

QUESTIONS:  Contact me at timkra@panax.com (note this is a new email
from the previous swap).

SIGN UP:  It's helpful to know how many people are playing to ensure
that we have enough to make it worthwhile.  Send email to me at:
timkra@panax.com  (preferably by June 1st, but you can sign up
anytime).  Again, note that this is a different address than I used in
the last swap.

NOTE:  As in Terri Daniels' BOTM swap, I don't recommend you send
anything via
express/overnight delivery, but if you do, *please* waive the signature
so that the package is left in my building.

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