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Surrealist books at the Guggenheim Museum

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SURREALISM: Two Private Eyes: The Nesuhi Ertegun and Daniel Filipacchi
Collections. June 4 - September 27 At the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum,
1071 Fifth Avenue at 89th Street. (212) 423-3500.

Daniel Filipacchi is the owner of Hachette, the French publishing house.
As it turns out, he is also a major collector of surrealist art. His
collection will be shown at the Guggenheim Museum, along with the
collection of a friend now deceased.

Naturally, the collection is strong in printed material: ephemera, books,
writing. The show will include Dali's design for the cover of the
surrealist journal "Minotaure" and the original collages for Max Ernst's
books "Une Semaine de bonte" and "The Hunting of the Snark." One gallery
has been set aside for close to a hundred surrealist books, including a
copy of Apollinaire's "Calligrammes" illustrated by de Chirico and bound
by Paul Bonet. There is a set of the various states for the prints in a
book designed by Miro, another book illustrated by Paul Delvaux, and four
"illuminated manuscripts" by the poet Rene Char "illuminated" by Miro,
Wildredo Lam, Max Ernst and Victor Brauner.

The show is not scheduled to travel outside New York. And the two-volume
catalog will be available only as a boxed set.

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