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summer classes

The Oregon Book Arts Guild offers the following classes. For more informatio=
e-mail pagrass@aol.com

June 28, 29, 30
Viva Italia! The 16th Century Paper Case
Kitty Maryatt
Binding a book in limp paper was originally considered a temporary measure=20
for books issued in sheets by the publisher.  By the 16th century many books=20
in Italy were permanently bound in paper or vellum.  You will sew this=20
non-adhesive Italian book on alum-tawed pigskin thongs with the herringbone=20
stich, using a sewing frame.  A simple headband will be sewn onto the book s=
that both the pigskin core and the thongs will be laced into the handmade=20
paper cover with Yapp foredges.  Which papers are appropriate, how to=20
reinforce paper that is too limp, and modifications for vellum will be=20

June 30-July 1
Pop-Up Paper Structures
Carol Barton
A special kind of creative magic awaits you in this workshop.  You will lear=
basic on-the-fold pop-up structures, then progress through a series of more=20
complicated three-dimensional constructions.  These can be included in book=20
formats or work alone as paper sculptures.  A slide presentation on the=20
history of movable books will be included. Beginner-Intermediate level.=20

June 26-27
Learn to Make Books with Kids (A Class For Adults)
C.J. Grossman
We will create a variety of unusual structures that can be used in teaching=20
bookmaking to youth of all ages.  This will be a hands-on class so that each=20
person creates: simple quick books, accordion books, a journal or photo book=
books that lace up or use velcro closures, hidden and secret books, a tunnel=20
book, books out of a single sheet of paper and fun techniques such as=20
pulltabs, cutouts, standups, foldouts and wheels.  And if that=92s not enoug=
we will make some pop-ups. All levels.=20

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