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Hi Judith -

Geez, I wish I was less than 1000 miles away from you - these workshops
sound wonderful. I'm really interested in the information from the workshop
you are giving, "Text and Story in the Artist Book". Would it be possible to
purchase a set of notes? (If you work that way - when I give workshops,
everything is just usually in my head...)

I'm sure your schedule is as insanely busy as mine - if you don't have time
to get back to me on this, I certainly understand.

Best wishes,

-----Original Message-----
From: Judith A. Hoffberg <umbrella@IX.NETCOM.COM>
Date: Monday, May 17, 1999 7:56 PM

>We are announcing PALISADES BOOK WORKSHOPS in Southern California, a series
>of workshops for the summer session:
>1. Pop-Ups for Artists. Although pop-ups are usually equated with
>children's books, they have the potential to explore special dynamics as in
>a sculpture garden or gallery installation.  By investigating unique forms
>of pop-up structure, historical and current, students in this workshop will
>build a book (or books) by deconstructing an existing format and utilizing
>the information learned.  11 July
>Beth Thielen, Instructor
>2. Innovative Printmaking for Artists' Books, with and without a press.
>New techniques make it possible to work with stabile non-toxic materials to
>create prints. Participants in this workshop will learn to make and print
>fimo clay plates for intaglio printing, water-based monoprinting, block
>printing and pochoir. We will also create templates for printing pop-up
>forms. Several of these processes will enable the artist to create small
>editions at home without expensive equipment.   25 July     Beth
>Thielen-Gloria Helfgott, Instructors
>3. Text and Story in the Artist Book.  Many book artists have difficulty in
>expressing words along with their imagery in the composing of a book.  This
>workshop will explore the integration of a page by examining examples  of
>successful works and critiques of works in progress.     8 August
>Judith A. Hoffberg, Instructor
>4. Box Works (Boxes and Books are singular forms that split open, doubling
>and halving themselves in the process).  The box three dimensionalizes the
>rectangular image of a page allowing for the alteration of the flat surface
>and enabling the imagery and text to become readable sculptures.  This
>workshop will explore the making of boxes that become unique books through
>the use of a variety of structures and materials.    22 August       Gloria
>Helfgott, Instructor
>These Sunday workshops are offered for one day each (9:30 am to 4 pm).  The
>tuition is $65 plus materials (which can run from $5 to $10).  Class size
>is limited to eight.  Pre-registration is essential.  Participatns will be
>notified of what they should bring to class.
>We will offer more classes in the fall, such as clamshell boxes, variations
>on an accordion fold, stressless bindings, books and the collector,
>curating Artist Books and writing classes for book artists.
>If interested, please contact Gloria Helfgott at (310)230-0155.

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