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Re: Regarding the Exhibition of Books and the Eternal Quest for OnePerson Shows

    Here's a belated response to your question about solo exhibitions.
I'm posting it to the list because I thought others might find it
helpful. I have had three at college galleries and have one coming up at
a gallery at a private school in the fall. I have found them to be
wonderful places to exhibit. I like the tone set by a non-commercial
gallery. There is a feeling that it's the work that matters. Unlike a
lot of cooperative and association galleries, colleges and universities
have some kind of budget to deal with exhibitions so they usually take
care of publicity, invitation, and a reception, which saves stress and
money for the artist.
    I have sent portfolios to museums but have never had any luck there.
I think there is more competition for solo exhibits in museums and they
tend to be looking for artists at a certain level in their career, that
is with some stature and name recognition. One thing I have found is
that the responses I have received from higher level places are
infinitely more professional and respectful than ones from many locally
run small art venues, which of course is not to say that there aren't
plenty of those with good people.
    I would look for art listings in your area and approach places that
list one person exhibits. A magazine that publishes art listings is Art
Calendar. One of their categories is Galleries (non-profit) reviewing
portfolios. Their website is http: //www.artcalendar.com. I think
galleries are sometimes concerned about the display of books. If the
books are in cases for example, there may be a feeling it looks more
like a library than a gallery. In all of my past shows, I have some wall
work as well as work on pedestals. Since your work exists as both wall
pieces and as a book, there shouldn't be a question.
    Your creation sounds wonderful. I'm sure you can find places to
exhibit it. I suggest aiming high. If you'd like to exhibit in a certain
geographical area, start with the top places and work your way from
there. Good luck.

in good spirit,

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Newburyport, MA

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