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Re: cost of self publishing

All your questions are contingent on details.  The best way to determine
the costs of publishing anything are to call several printers with 1)
physical size of book; 2) # of pages; 3) # of half-tones and color
images (and do you want a 4-color image on cover?); 4) press run;
5) weight of paper required for inside and out; 6) paper or hard
cover;  7) make-ready charge (will you be delivering the ms.
camera-ready/how much does the press have to do before printing?
etc.).  The printer's marketing dept. can tell you everything they
need to know to make an estimate.  You should also shop around;
a good-sized company with good prices, which specializes in small
press, i.e., short runs (under 5,000) is the Thomson-Shore Co. in
Michingan.   There are also letterset printers, some of whom are
probably part of this list, who will do jobber printing.  For our small,
nonprofit press, we use a local printer because they give us good
rates and understand if we can't pay up front all the time, and
because I can go "on press," thereby insuring high quality of color
printing and other details.  However, I know that Thomson-Shore
does wonderful work, as do several other short run printers in
Michigan.  You should know, too, if you don't already, that the
bigger the run, the more reasonable the price.

Hope this is helpful.

Bertha Rogers
Bright Hill Press/Six Swans Artists Editions

>  I wrote a while back about interests in self publishing and have been
> trying to find out a basic figure of how much it costs to self publish can
> anyone give me a basic example for how much a book may cost with color
> images (art book) just curious before i actually get down  to getting
> artwork photographed ect. and what is a usuall amount to publish if you
> want to get a wide distribution , 10,000 copies? thank you from a
> beginning self publisher tom johnson

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