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Re: Self-published best-sellers?

Frost didn't self publishe, but had his first collection come out in England.
did self-promote a lot, tho! Walt Whitman wrote and self-published Leaves of
Grass all his life--his only book, kept adding to it. and in a way, Emily
Dickinson self-collected all her 1776 poems in little books she sewed
herself, called fascicles, found in the drawers of her desk after her death.
Maybe the most famous self-publisher was the British poet William Blake who
was an engraver by trade. He brought out his poems in a number of books with
lavish colored engravings. moved poems around in different sections and
different books. Self-publishing ironically has a bad rep in academic
publishing circles, but these same people hold up Blakem Whitman, Dickinson
and greats! Laurie O'Brien

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