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Re: Photopolymer Stamps

>I am having stamps made from my own calligraphy with the same photopolymer
>plate method usually used for letterpress printing. I intend to press the
>stamps into wet paper pulp or soft fimo/sculpey materials. The x-height will
>be about 1/2 inch and I will start with an italic alphabet to see how it goes.
>Does anyone have experience with this sort of project? Should I be *beefing
>up* my hairlines or making them extra fine? Any suggestions about other
>aspects? This is such a knowledgeable and diverse group, I'm sure someone has
>done a similar thing before. Thanks in advance.
>Beth Weiss

My experience was derived from working for the past 10 years or so for a
stamp manufacturer.  When one makes a stamp with photopolymer IN GENERAL
the lines tend to become somewhat thicker than the original artwork.
sarah fishburn
fort collins, colorado

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