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Re: Self-published best-sellers?

Zack, could you please elaborate on what you consider as a "digital
printing press in quantities as low as 10"? Are you referring to Docutech,
which is a souped-up version photocopier? I would think that at a quantity
of 10, your unit cost would be phenomenal.

I am a small self-publisher specializing in art and design sourcebooks and
although I would like to do conventional, ie. quality, printing, the
initial cost outlay has prevented me from making much headway.

I have printed some books at Kinko's on the best quality paper they had
just to get some prototypes in order to do advance sales, but the books run
me about $10 apiece. There is still the problem of printing colour on the
covers. Even colour copies affixed to the covers cost me more than I really
want to pay. The whole operation is neither cost-efficient nor visually
effective. But it does for now.

Perhaps others on the list might have suggestions.


Linda Mullin
Mullin Art Publishing

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