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Re: dye as lightfast as acrylic paint

I'm looking for a dye or other substance to use on pieces of canvas (cotton
duck or muslin)which will then be collaged into abstract
acylic-paint-on-canvas paintings.  I'm seeking a soaked in look and the
intensity of dye rather than the painted-on look of acrylic.  Does anyone
know about the lightfastness of dyes and of any dye (or ink sold in larger
quantity) that matches the light-fastness of acrylic paint (which differs
according to the hue, I realize)
and can be applied with a brush or sponge brush and doesn't require
heat-setting.  I know this isn't a strictly book-arts question but thought
someone might be able to help with this as-light-fast-as-acrylic dye
question.  Thanks Barbara Valenta

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