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Re: dye as lightfast as acrylic paint

Procion Fiber Reactive dyes are extremely lightfast and easy to use.  They
can be applied with a brush or sponge (using a print mix) and are set with
sodium carbonate.  They are safe for the environment and only pose a slight
hazard in powder form.  For more information seek out Pro Chemical & Dye.
They have a web site.  They will send you instructions for dye painting along
with dyes.  You can order a starter kit for not a lot of money.  A little dye
goes a long way.  Colors can be strong and intense or light and fleeting
depending upon the strenght of the dye solution.

To try them out, many craft stores carry Dylon Dyes (limited color selection)
- they are fiber reactive dyes exactly like Procion.

Hope this helps.


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