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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 20 May 1999 to 21 May 1999

ABout paper mulberry:

(Broussonetia papyrifera) or paper mulberry actually grows all over the
States.  Supposedly (the story goes) Jefferson brought over plants to begin a
silk industry here in the States not realizing that there were diffrent
species of mulberry and that paper M was different than silk M.  So...it is
an invasive plant and has taken over in many areas.  Here, in NY, the park
people hate it and call it a weed.
I have a contact at the Prospect Park in Brooklyn where I have access to
their weeds aka paper mulberry trees and have one growing in my garden.  But,
the second tree in my garden, a kozo (Japanese paper mulberry) tree from a
seedling given to me by Elaine Koretsky, of Carriage House Papers, is far
superior in terms of growth and fiber quality. But I do not know where else
one can actually 'get' a seedling.
That all said, my knowledge of botany is limited but what I've noticed is
that the trees grow out of the tubers (or roots?) - I have one seedling that
has come up out of the root system just this year.  Also, when they are cut
off to replant (or to give away) they usually die.  I can ask at Carriage
House how I managed to get a seedling from them that didn't die and when
others come up here in Brooklyn (& you're not too far away - so it can
survive the post) I can send you one...
Robbin Ami Silverberg
Dobbin Mill, NY

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