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Re: cost of self publishing

<font size=2><blockquote type=cite cite> </font><font size=3>From:
&quot;Rupert N. Evans&quot; <br>
&gt; bind the book using hot melt or cold glue</blockquote><br>
I am doing one book( well maybe 2).&nbsp; It's a copy of a book that was
originally done in 1766, and reprinted in 1960.&nbsp; I am using an HP
1120c deskjet, an HP 5100c scanner.&nbsp; I've scanned the book to a Word
file, and then transferred it into Pagemaker.&nbsp; With black and white
pictures, it will probably run 150 pages. I want to print it on an off
white slightly textured paper.&nbsp; <br>
How to bind he book has been a problem for me.&nbsp; I originally planned
to do a stab binding to put it together.&nbsp; But I didn't realize I
would end up with so many pages.&nbsp; Can I bind&nbsp; 150 loose pages
with hot melt or cold glue?&nbsp; (What are hot melt and cold glue, and
how do you use them?)<br>
Carol Rosen<br>

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