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Re: urban printer's myth

The problem with the photocopy/laser print images sticking to vinyl is not a
factor of heat or humidity.  This is caused by a chemical reaction between the
vinyl and the toner/fusing agent of the photocopy.  This process happens in the
middle of winter in dry/cold New England as much as it does in the middle of
summer in hot/humid southeast Ohio.  As Peter V. said, don't use vinyl.  It
causes more problems then its worth.  There are other better materials out there
which are "archival" (and I don't want to start that discussion again!).  Try
polypropelene or mylar or just plain old acid-free paper.  When I have to use a
3-ring binder, I tape paper on the inside of each cover so photocopies won't
transfer onto the vinyl.  Not necessarily the best for long-term or "archival"
storage, but it works for those short term project where you need the
convenience of a 3-ring binder.


--- Linda Mullin <bob@ultranet.ca> wrote:
I guarantee that it's not. Every laser printed "original" I've done and put
in a vinyl binder has transferred to and stuck to the vinyl. Just try
colouring or painting on one; the results are not longlasting.
--- end of quote ---

 Eric Alstrom
 Collections Conservator
 Dartmouth College
 Hanover, NH


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