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Re: urban printer's myth

I really did not mean to stir up a can of worms re: Laser printers etc.

Paul states many of my feelings - "The process of putting words onto paper
is achangin' as we speak."

Put me in the Old Curmudgeon category. "If it ain't letterpress, It ain't

If someone is happy with the results obtained from a Laser printer, who am I
to say they should not be?

For those who care:

I am a retired IBM Customer Engineer who spent many years in printshops of
all sizes and  configurations.

Today I have a sizable collection of Presses and Type - both wood and metal.

I do reprints of old broadsides and some miniature books when I can tear
myself away from this damn computer.


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From: Paul T Werner <ptw1@IS6.NYU.EDU>
Date: Monday, May 24, 1999 10:02 AM
Subject: Re: urban printer's myth

>I call my system an "Argo" edition , after Roland Barthes' point about the
>ship Argo: after 30-odd years of sailing it's a totally different ship,
>except for the name. Likewise, one of the joys of desktop publishing is
>that your product improves as you go on. My only regret is that because I
>have to have the pages trimmed at a local print shop it's not really
>worthwhile to print less than 50 copies at a time.
>As for good old-time printing: sure, I miss those chugging AB Dicks, and
>the great rainbow patterns, the guys sticking their thumbs full of ink
>onto the platen, and so forth...
>On Mon, 24 May 1999, Jules Siegel wrote:
>> As you complete a
>> book you always see things that could be improved or
>> amplified.
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