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Re: cost of self publishing

> I wrote a while back about interests in self publishing and have been
>trying to find out a basic figure of how much it costs to self publish
>can anyone give me a basic example for how much a book may cost with
>color images (art book) just curious before i actually get down  to
>getting artwork photographed ect. and what is a usuall amount to publish
>if you want to get a wide distribution , 10,000 copies? thank you from a
>beginning self publisher tom johnson

I've been following this thread with a lot of interest. Mostly because it
makes me realize what a huge difference there is between publishing in the
US, where most of you are, and Canada, where I am.

Here, a best-selling novel is one that sells 3,000 copies. Distribution is
a huge problem, and even if you can get a deal with one of the handful of
companies that distributes in Canada, then you have the problem of
recognition -- bookstores are reluctant to order books they haven't heard
anything about. It's hard to get promotion of Canadian books in local
media. Author tours are organized by the big companies, but often  authors
have to cover part of cost themselves.

Most of the publishers in Canada are in fact very small -- many started out
as self-publishing enterprises.  This poses all kinds of other problems --
the Canada Council for the Arts will subsidize small publishers, but only
if they publish six books a year that fit certain criteria. The grant
covers the cost of production, but not distribution. Many publishers are
too small to handle more than six a year -- then they begin to risk their
own capital. In this market, that almost certainly means losing money.

Publishing in Canada is, in many respects, not much different than
self-publishing. Many of our better-known writers started out this way --
Margaret Atwood self-published her first two books of poetry and shopped
them around herself to bookstores in the Toronto area where she lives.

As for publishing the kinds of works that most of us on the list do, well,
if there are any Canadians who have had any success with this, I'd love to
hear more.


Kevin Crombie                              e-mail: kcrombie@dsuper.net
#5 - 224 boul. Saint-Joseph est     voice: (514) 849-7601
Montreal, QC   H2T 1H6

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