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Re: Printing Equipment on the web (was Urban Myth)

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The address for The Printer is:

The Printer
337 Wilson Street
Findlay, OH  45840
$25.00 a year

An excellent source for printing equipment as well as occasionally papers,
bindery items and other items you can't live without.  Many articles relating
directly to the book arts though from the perspective of a letterpress
printer.  Many classified and want adds from around the world.

The LetPress list is also a wonderful resource for not only equipment but
folks that will be happy to tell you how to use and service it.

~ Chad Pastotnik

Deep Wood Press
P.O. Box 726
Mancelona, MI  49659

"Rupert N. Evans" wrote:

> There is a letterpress list on the net, at
> http://listserv.unb.ca/bin/wa?SUBED1=letpress&A=1. They often have
> equipment which is very reasonably priced.
> http://members.aol.com/aapa96/index.html will introduce  you to the
> American Association of letterpress printers.
> They have a good newsletter and dues are reasonable.
> perhaps someone can come up with the address of The Printer magazine. It
> often has good ads for letterpress equipment.
> Rupert
> >At 01:33 PM 5/24/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >>Hi!
> >>
> >>> cutter. The cheapest one available is made by Martin Yale. It cuts 12"
> >>wide
> >>> and 1.5 inches thick. You can buy it on the internet for $500, though
> >>> Prnters Shopper charges considerably more.
> >>
> >>Any suggestions about where to look for used printing equipment on the
> >>web? I'm looking for a small letterpress, and not really sure where to
> >>start looking.
> >>
> >>Thanks!
> >>
> >>MJH
> >>
> >>Mark    -- University of Michigan (Phd Student) -- handel@umich.edu
> >>Handel  -- http://www-personal.si.umich.edu/~handel
> >>        -- 734.669.0311 -- 805 Spring St. Apt 2, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
> >>

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